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What is LibreCores?

Digital devices (or commonly "chips") are the basic building blocks of electronic systems. Such devices are for application-specific devices like a USB controller. But also programmable "System-on-Chip" are found in embedded systems. Both tastes of a chip are composed of basic building blocks, so called IP (Intellectual Property) cores. A "LibreCore" is such an IP core that is created and distributed in the open source spirit. And is like a good neighborhood pub, a place to meet the community and —most importantly— find such cores.

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Getting started with your LibreCore

We are heavily working on making the community hub where you can attract the attention of like-minded developers to your LibreCore or find a fitting core for your project. While we are working on it, you are maybe working on a LibreCore or about to start one. To give you a quick start we have assembled some information about project handling and licensing:

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Feel the pulse

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Contribute to LibreCores

LibreCores is a true community project. All development is done in the open, and we're always open to new contributors! If you have only a couple of minutes to spare, or a full week, there's something for you to do.

Have a look at our contribution guide and get started today!

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